Partner Funds

Fund Name Regional Focus Exposure Market Cap Focus
  Centenntial Funds (Level 18) >> Primarily Australian Long/short absolute return Small-caps
  L1 Capital Australian Equities >> Australia Long only Multi-caps
L1 Capital Long Short >> Australia Long/short absolute return Multi-caps
Pengana Australian Equities >> Australia Long only absolute return Multi-caps
Pengana Global Small Companies >> Global Long only Small-mid caps
Pengana International Equities >> Global Long only Mid-large caps
Pengana Panagora Absolute Return Global Equities >> Global Long/short market neutral Multi-caps
  TAMIM Alpha Fund >> Israeli Long only Small & Mid caps
  VGI Partners >> Global Long/short absolute return Multi-caps
  Wentworth Williamson >> Australia Long only Small-mid caps
  Yarra Australian Equities Fund >> Australia Long only Multi-caps

The list of partner funds may change from time to time and this page will be updated accordingly